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Are you a regular traveler? Are you a new resident, waiting for BC Medical? Although your provincial medical plan does pay something for claims outside BC, most times, it is not nearly enough to cover the costs. Our agency offers many different emergency medical plans, designed to fit you. We have plans for all ages and medical conditions.

Annual policies - The best policy for the person or family who makes regular trips out of the province. Your premium is based on your age and the length of your trips, and there are an unlimited number of trips per year. You can’t beat this policy for convenience.


Single trip policies – The policy is designed for the occasional traveler. Your premium is based on each trip individually, your age and the length of your trip.

Also available are trip cancellation, trip interruption, air accident, and baggage coverage.

Coverage for new residents or Visitors to Canada.
We have a number of products, designed for new residents who are waiting for their BC Medical plan to come into effect, or people who are in the province on holiday. The amount of insurance is chosen by the insured and the premium is based on age, length of the policy and amount of insurance. It should be noted that this is an emergency medical policy only and does not replace provincial medical coverage.

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